Few other names, in the world of professional cooking, are as respected as Molteni. Each stove is crafted and assembled according to chef’s needs and preferences. No two Molteni stoves are the same and the size has no limits. Molteni stands in the heart of the most renowned restaurants around the world as well as in the luxurious private residential kitchens.

Molteni depuis 1927: A legend born in the tradition of ancient craftsmanship, with extreme attention to detail and the quest for strong, noble materials. Indissolubly linked to the name of its founder, still today Molteni is the sole representative of handicraft and wisdom in creating premium stoves.

90 years of traditional craftsmanship to make your dream come true. Molteni is synonymous of the highest professionalism and excellence in materials, using hand forged cast iron and brass components, custom colored enameled surfaces and chromed or brass trims.

Molteni brings together traditional artisan works and the latest cooking technology. So it’s no surprise that great chefs the world over create their most memorable culinary experiences on cast iron and brass from a small factory in Saint-Vallier in the south of France. The traditional gas functions perfectly integrate with the most innovative cooking solutions, like induction plates, induction woks, teppanyaki and more.

The Molteni Range Cooker is now available as a part of the ultra-luxury Grand Cuisine Cooking System by Electrolux Professional. Electrolux Grand Cuisine comprises an impressive professional suite of appliances. This is the first cooking system of its kind, and one that truly allows home cooks to recreate Michelin-star restaurant experiences in their own kitchens.

Details, noble material and craftsmanship are side by side the king of the kitchen, the chef. The gallery reveals some of the premium locations where to find a tailor-made Molteni, because every piece is unique following the indications of the chef.